Инерционный тренажер HANDY GYM DYNAMIC

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Инерционный тренажер HANDY GYM DYNAMIC
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Handy Gym DYNAMIC with Encoder & App, isoinertial training system

Get incredible results with Handy Gym Dynamic, the most portable and powerful flywheel technology! It´s perfect for elite athletes, physiotherapists, sports centers and personal trainers. Its versatility allows you to workout in any situation, use it with your clients or patients at any place and any time.
This pack includes all 21 accessories developed by Handy Gym, so you can perform hundreds of exercises with lots of solutions and possibilities to train all muscle groups.

The Handy Gym Dynamic pack:
- Handy Gym base with handgrip and rope regulator (with key).
- Yellow inertial discs (x2).
- Blue inertial discs (x2).
- Red inertial discs (x2).
- Wall mounting plate.
- Rack mounting plate.
- Multipurpose handle.
- Door Stopper.
- Ankle strap.
- Loop strap.
- Portable Platform.
- Belt.
- Pulley.
- Sack.
- Backpack.
- Encoder + Wireless connection + Mobile App.

Weight and dimensions:
- Weight (without discs) : 800g / 1,8lb
- Dimensions: 11 x 20cm / 4,3″ x 7,9″
- Yellow inertial disc: 120g / 4oz – Low power.
- Blue inertial disc: 180g / 6oz – Medium power.
- Red inertial disc: 250g / 9oz – High power.

Handy Gym is an amazing training device has been designed for quality eccentric training, therefore physiotherapists and physical recuperators endorse the benefits of this technology to improve muscle performance and injury rehabilitation. In other words, it allows training any muscle group in many different ways so it is valid for any type of sport.

It is so small and lightweight that you can take it wherever you want, it fits in any backpack or suitcase. In addition, the accessories it has, make it the smallest gym in the world, you can work any muscle group effectively and adjusted to the capacity of each user. Keep training even if you are traveling, at home or in the office. Always, wherever you want, whenever you want.

With the mobile app you get real-time data from your training to measure performance and statistics of your progress. The APP connects via wireless connection to Handy Gym thanks to an encoder that reads the data generated by the machine.

With Handy Gym Dynamic, you can experience a full body workout through hundreds of different exercises.
Check all the possibilities that you can perform with Handy Gym in the Handy Gym youtube Channel.
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